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Read on! As a water sign, they are a passionate zodiac ruled by emotions which can manifest themselves in a multitude of ways. Chat with a spiritual advisor for a fresh insight! Sceptical Natural sceptics, Scorpios assume that people need to prove their worth rather than being given a chance immediately.

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Grudgeful While it may be bad news for you, Scorpios will neither forgive nor forget. Brutally Direct Despite being renowned as the manipulative zodiac , people born under Scorpio are equally ready to tell the truth — often when the truth is harsh.

Get answers to all your questions! Resourceful The reason, perhaps, why people are so drawn to Scorpios is that they are so resourceful. Romantically Compatible With If a Scorpio and their partner can get past this initial hurdle, the connection will be intense, in both highs and lows. A Scorpio will love harder and fight harder than any other sign, and wants their partner to be absolutely honest.

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They will be—even if it's not what the partner wants to hear. In the bedroom, Scorpio is generous, imaginative, and always up for anything—all night long. So many other signs spend valuable time and energy beating around the bush, desperately trying to find an approach that makes the fewest waves when it comes to confronting a conflict.

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Not Scorpio. Blessed with a deep sense of self, Scorpio is always able to say exactly what's on their mind, even if it's not what people want to hear. Scorpio is forthright and honest, and those two characteristics commandeer a ton of respect, both at home and at work. Repeat after us: It's all right to cry. They return that respect with an intense loyalty and devotion.

Because Scorpios are rather picky about the company they choose, especially when it comes to their partner, you can become one of the very few people that matter in the world for them. One thing to remember is to never cross or betray them - they are very protective of their own feelings and this can lead them to bail rather than get hurt. If they are hurt, they do not forget quickly. Or ever. They hold grudges and anyone who cheats on a Scorpio should watch their back. A person who falls under the sign of Scorpio makes a loyal member of the family, as well as a faithful friend.

They tend to see from a very early age where the family dynamics lie and who to avoid and who to push further. They will stand up for anyone in their family who is being bullied, even against other family members. When they are given their own space, they will be happy to spend time with their family as long as it is not too draining for them. When planning out their lives they do include their family in their plans, but will be quick to remove any family members that cross them in any way.

In terms of jobs and careers, Scorpios are more suited to jobs where they can be independent and do things by themselves. Given their propensity to love the inner workings of the mind, Scorpios can be very well suited to psychology fields, and anything that lets them work with people, without having to work in a team necessarily. Scorpios would prefer not to be put in leadership positions, but will take the reins if they feel that their leader is incompetent or treating those underneath them unfairly.

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